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RESET it!™ is a kind and gentle reminder that it’s ok to RESET and start over.

RESET it!™ is all about 2nd chances, a do over, a try again for you & those around you.

"Bad" days are becoming more common than ever, more and more you see it in the news, your community & possibly in your own life.

We all need something tangible to touch & see to help remind, refocus & reaffirm ourselves when things are just not what we want them to be.

RESET it!™ is a tool that helps support a positive mindset.  

RESET it!™ is versatile in any situation. 
FAQS:  Patent Pending

Life's RESET button does not make noise. It lights up when pressed.
It uses your sense of touch, sight, speech, hearing when affirmations are spoken to start programing  and reprogramming your mindset. 

It triggers the brain to focus on what you want and need to intake and/or interrupts situation that you need to RESET from. 

It supports and creates a positive empowered mindset. 

Product Information

Many of my clients and customers use it for different reasons. 
Couples disagreements/counseling, nutritional dieting, exercise, past issues, present situations, future preparations, stressful jobs and co workers, used in schools, conferences etc. 

Life's RESET button can be used in any situation. 

Size or Dimensions

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Actual size of RESET it!™ is 4cm x 4cm. 

Product Details

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This box includes: 

- one RESET it!™ Button 
- one affirmation card laminated 

Batteries not included. Requires 3 "AA" batteries

Special Instructions

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